Power Lines

With over 30 years of experience in the electrical industry McMahons Power Lines are qualified and have the experience to perform any service from changing a light globe through to upgrading the street mains. McMahons Power Lines is an Authorised Service Provider for Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy networks. This work includes, defective repairs, three-phase upgrades, single-phase upgrades, Off Peak metering, Solar metering, defect repairs, and upgrades to switchboard and metering equipment.

Badly deteriorated cross arm

Difficult Access

With 4 crane borers and 2 Elevated Work Platorms (EWP’s), McMahons Power Lines specialises in pole installation and overhead work. With specialist machinery to get to those impossible poles, we are the ones to turn to. A 4x4 vehicle, an All Terrain Machine (ATM), a 6x6 vehicle and experienced operators take care of the difficult access poles. See our machinery section for more details.

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Connection of load information

Any electricity load or supply in a rural area requires an Application for Connection of Load (FPJ6009) to be submitted to Endeavour Energy.

Check power outages

For the latest information about planned or unplanned power outages in your area, as well as estimated restoration times.