Our History

McMahon’s Power Lines started from very humble beginnings in 1962.

The business of power pole and power line installation was started by Vince and Marcia McMahon using a Massey Ferguson 135 tractor fitted with a Gallagher post hole digger on the rear and a mechanical tilt front end loader.

Due to the tail shaft drive on the Gallagher Post hole digger and the depth required for the hole we used to have to drill a hole and a half hole adjacent to it so the tail shaft could go below ground level (in the half hole) to allow the auger to reach the required depth in the main hole.

The front end loader would then be placed under the head of the pole and lifted while driving forward to slide the pole into the hole using the half hole for guidance. A board was placed down the back of the hole so the butt slid down the hole and didn’t dig into the side.

While good for its time, the tractor and post hole digger combination was not good in rocky ground. The hole would have to be jack hammered and then charges of gelignite and electric debts were used to loosen the rock layers that would then be cleaned out with the post hole digger.

Vince McMahon standing a power pole with a Massey Ferguson tractor

The power poles we used were all natural round iron bark hand picked and cut by Herb Luxford out of the Llandilo State Forest. A 30 foot pole (9.5metres) could be any where from 28ft to 32 ft depending on Herb's eye on the day. Sometimes not the straightest poles but always good timber. Bark was left at the top of the poles to stop them opening up while drying out. In a dry season, when bark wasn't easy to remove, the amount of bark left would increase. The bark was then removed on site with the back of an axe before standing the pole. The head would then be shaped with the axe and a pole cap fitted. Poles were rated light, medium or heavy.

With the purchase of an ex electricity commission Crane/borer Vince stopped using the tractor and engaged the world of hydraulics. This machine was quite a step up from the tractor now being able to drill a full hole and lift the pole into position

In 1987 Vince and Marcia’s son Michael joined the group.

As the company grew while still taking what Herb could supply we sourced treated hardwood poles from Northern NSW through Koppers Logs at Grafton and Coffs Harbour Hardwoods. The poles now came by the semi trailer load, treated and capped with ID discs ready to be installed.

In 1991 the trading name and structure of the business was changed from VG & AM McMahon Private Poles and Overhead Power Lines to McMahon’s Power Lines Pty Ltd. 

Due to the subdivision of the rural lands that surrounded Sydney, McMahon’s Power Lines were ideally situated to install the poles and power lines to many of the newly created smaller acreages.

While no longer involved in the day to day operations with the business now managed by Michael McMahon, Vince and Marcia are proud of their efforts and to see that the company has grown from these beginnings through hard work, reliability and customer service to what it is today.

Vince McMahon passed away in 2011 leaving a family business in a good position.

While no longer involved in the day to day operations of the business Marcia who has provided so much support through secretarial/admin works and backing over the years, as do most women in family businesses, now uses her time in her 80’s delivering Meals on Wheels, playing tennis and visiting people who are less mobile than herself.

Bedford crane borer standing 17 metre poles

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