Alternative Energy Supplies

To keep up with ever changing advances in technology McMahon’s Power Lines are working on a new alternative electricity supply division to complement its existing power line division.
We are now working in conjunction with a number of companies to provide an alternative to grid connected power supplies.

We can now offer an economical solution for electricity supply to your;
1. New environmentally designed house.
2. New house that is a distance from the electrical grid system.
3. Remote gate operation, solar street lighting, bore pump etc.

Naturally, we still offer the standard grid connected systems, with or without hybrid battery support from 1 to 10 Kilowatt systems, either roof or remote mounted.

LED lights with 240Watt solar Panels

Solar LED street lighting solution using 240Watt solar panels installed for a Western Sydney Local Government body.

By using solar, wind, mini hydro or a combination of some or all, we can create a common supply bank and distribute it to various local loads as required, or create remote control systems for individual loads at various locations


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Any electricity load or supply in a rural area requires an Application for Connection of Load (FPJ6009) to be submitted to Endeavour Energy.

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