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Since its inception in 1962, McMahon's Power Lines Pty Ltd has installed poles and electrical power lines and carried out overhead line work involved in the augmentation of low and high voltage power lines to the relative electrical supply construction standards within Sydney's west and the greater part of NSW.

Whilst working on the networks owned by private high voltage customers from the outset, McMahon's Power Lines Pty Ltd was one of the first companies to be given permission to construct high voltage power lines for subdivisions in Endeavour Energy's retail area (formerly Integral Energy). This was prior to the Authorised Service Provider Scheme.

McMahon's Power Lines Pty Ltd is authorised to carry out works within the Endeavour Energy, Essential Energy and Ausgrid network areas.

McMahon's Power Lines Pty Ltd holds authorisations for Level 1 for Overhead and Underground works and Level 2 works in all 4 categories. We are pre-qualified with Endeavour  Energy to carry out construction works up to 66kV transmission lines.

McMahon's Power Lines work in conjunction with an accredited Level 3 Design Engineer to design both overhead and underground electrical infrastructure which allows us to fulfil all your Level 1, 2 and 3 requirements

McMahon's Power Lines has a fleet of Crane / Borers and Elevated Work Platforms including specialist all terrain machines that we use in our day to day Level 1 and 2 projects. We hire our machinery out with one of our highly experienced operators. All our operators are rigorously trained and attend regular training courses to maintain authorisation and the highest level of compliance and safety.

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