Machines available for hire

Crane / Borers

  • Proline Crane / Borer 4/8 tonne
    • Mounted on 2013 MAN 6 x 6.
  • Proline Crane / Borer 5/10 tonne
    • 2 x Mounted on 2009 MAN 6 x 4
    • 1 x Mounted on 2008 MAN 6 x 4
    • Digging radius is 6 metres from the edge of the truck.
  • Rock auger sizes available;
    • 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm,
    • 600mm, 750mm, 900mm & 1200mm diameter
    • Standard hole depths are 0 to 4metres,
    • with extensions we can drill to 6 metres.
  • 2002 Aichi Crane / Borer
    • Mounted on a 4 x 4 L2000 MAN
    • Digging radius is 11 metres from the edge of the truck.
    • Rock auger sizes available;
    • 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm & 600mm diameter.
    • As a crane it has a 3 tonne lift capacity
    • And up to 12 metres under the hook.
  • 2008 Dieci Crane / Borer / EWP
    • 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm & 600mm, 750mm & 900mm diameter
    • Crane : 4.5 tonne lift capacity
    • Mobile Crane/Forks : 3.5ton
    • Free height under hook : 19 metres
    • EWP Basket : SWL 300kg

Elevated Work Platforms. (E.W.P. / Bucket Trucks)

  • 2005 Nifty Lift 14 metre
    • Elevated Work Platform.
    • 10 year major inspection carried out by Nifty Lift 2016
    • Mounted on a 4 x 4 L2000 MAN
    • Lift height radius as per sketch
    • Insulation rated to allow Live Line Work up to 66 000 Volts
    • Hydraulic outlets at bucket to allow use of hydraulic tools.
  • Abbey 17 metre Elevated Work Platform
    • Mounted on a 6 x 4 Scania.
    • Insulation rating to allow work on 415Volts
    • Hydraulic outlets at bucket to allow use of hydraulic tools.
  • These machines are used for our day to day operations of power line construction and maintenance.
  • They can also be hired by the hour or on project basis with one of our experienced operators.


McMahon's Power Lines Pty Ltd has two qualified mechanics on staff to keep on top of those day to day problems that arise with machines that undertake harsh wearing works, and ensure regular maintenance is carried out.

As a result of having our own mechanical workshop we are able to provide reliable machines that allow us to be reliable with our project time frames, minimize breakdowns and comply with WH&S requirements.

Our reliability and compliance allows our primary contractors to also offer reliability with their project time frames and WH&S compliance

To allow us to show impartial compliance with WH&S requirements our machines are sent for 6 monthly and annual safety inspections to an independent repairer whom specialises in crane/borer and E.W.P. repairs. This same repairer carries out any major rebuilds on our machines. It is compulsory by law to rebuild E.W.P.s once they are ten years old and then every five years. We also carry out ten year rebuilds on our crane/borers. This ensures that the machines are always in good, safe condition and any wearing parts are replaced before reliability is compromised.


All our operators are fully qualified for the machinery they are operating and all have completed courses in the works in close proximity to live power lines.

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