McMahon's Power Lines : Specialists in all aspects of overhead power lines - low and high voltage

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Reliable machinery

McMahon's Power Lines were one of the first companies to be allowed to construct High Voltage Power Lines for subdivision in Integral Energy's Authorised area. For contestable works we are accredited for Level 1 works Overhead and Underground and Level 2 works in all 4 categories. Although we have qualifications and accreditations for underground works we specialise in overhead power line construction and maintenance.

McMahon's Power Lines work in conjunction with an accredited Level 3 Designer to design both overhead and underground power lines, which means that McMahon's Power Lines can now fulfil Level 1, 2 and 3 requirements

McMahon's Power Lines has a fleet of 3 Lifter/Borers and 2 Elevated Work Platforms that we use in our day to day Level 1 and 2 projects or we hire them out with a highly experienced operator. All our operators are rigorously trained and attend regular training courses to maintain authorisation and the highest level of safety.